Top Five of 2016

Looking back, the last couple years have been filled with visions. With dreams, plans, and wishes. As we entered twenty-sixteen, with the great help of our community, we began to see these visions and plans for our park take shape. More faces started showing up to golf, more celebrations and gatherings filled our space, and more memories were made. Here are five accomplishments we are most proud of in 2016.


  1. Re-opening the course after renovation and replacing our irrigation system. This was no easy task. Trenches were dug along the entire course, and a reclaimed water irrigation system was installed. Cart paths were rebuilt, and a few greens and holes were rebuilt to become more playable, practical, and environmentally friendly. Work was projected to be finished in November or December of 2015, but mother nature and many other working parts quickly had other plans for us. It wasn’t until February 5, 2016 that we could finally re-open our doors to the public. We hosted a weekend full of celebrations, and Oceanside was extremely responsive. The course was in the best shape it had ever been in, and we finally got the approval of many skeptics. All in all, a huge win for our labor of love.


  2. Renovation of the golf shop and outdoor bar/lounge area. We love the mantra of “making something old, new again.” And this year, we did just that. Last year our shop had been gutted, but not completely filled up like we had envisioned. With the  Linksoul “vibe” strong, our golf shop transformed into a cozy, yet, modern, clean and earthy space to walk into. Just outside the west side of the shop, we covered up an old putting green to make more room for handmade wood benches and tables. We absolutely love the idea of having our space as a social center for people to chat, host an event, network and just relax amongst the 1st tee and and 18th green. It was a great addition to the aesthetics of our park, making a gathering place for all.
  3. Renovation of the driving range. All hail, real (good) grass! What a transformation the range has made this year. With hundreds of yards of fresh turf and new targets, our driving range might just be the best you will find anywhere coastal. You cannot beat our range ocean views, lush grass to hit from, or the camaraderie of this place on a Friday afternoon.
  4. Received a 30-year lease extension. Yes, you are seeing that correctly. Another thirty years of Goat! Without the help of the community, the City of Oceanside, and all those who have had a hand in improving this piece of land… nothing would have been possible. We are able to keep this beautiful golf course for our kids and grandkids to enjoy. Hallelujah!_mgl9820-2
  5. Completion of the reclaimed water retro-fit project. You can say, this is the moment we’ve really been waiting for. Our reclaimed water system was turned ON the day before Thanksgiving (an early Christmas present to us)! A serious advancement. Not only for our crew, but for our costs. With this water system in place, our costs could be cut by nearly 40%. In a time where rain is far and few between, we are proud to now be socially and environmentally responsible.

All thats really left to say is… THANK YOU. Thank you for the support here locally, and across the nation and globe. We will continue to grow and show that connecting with nature, enjoying friends, and having a place everyone can feel comfortable is really what life is all about. We hope you can bring a friend or two up to Goat Hill Park in this coming year, and introduce them to this magical place. Our home is your home.

Cheers to 2017!

Story and photos by: Lauren Milner